American Stroke Month

together to end stroke before it happens to you. Take control of your blood pressure

Most strokes are preventable. And a large percentage of the ones that happen are
treatable with the right care, right away. It's a matter of knowing what to do,
taking action and spreading the word.

80 percent of strokes are preventable. Learn how and pass it on. High blood pressure is the most contrallable risk factor. Use our infographic. ASM Landing Page 2017 hero widget desktop See F.A.S.T. and stroke treatment in action. Our video shows how the right treatment, right away can save lives and improve recovey.
strokes kill more than 133,000 americans annually.stroke is the leading cause of serious, long-term disability.each year, about as many Americans have a stroke as a heart attack.
stroke month resoources pull the peices together.
for the communities (english)              for communities (spanish)
for strategic alliances              for healthcare professionals
stroke simulation events help hospitals test their readiness. Download the kit.
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Ask your legislator to support access to stroke telemedicine.
Wear your committment to ending stroke. Shop for t-shirts and more.
Every dollar helps end stroke. Donate today.
Share together through our Support Network. Connect with survivors and caregivers.
nationally sponsored by Medtronic.