Personal Stories of Stroke in Children

Updated:Oct 24,2016

Young Stroke Survivors

brandon zimmerman

Brandon Zimmerman, Infant Stroke Survivor — Our baby’s stroke turned our lives upside down, but during the months of fear, tears and wondering, one thing remained constant. We loved our son “with arms wide open.”

Survivors From The Start — Infants are at the same risk of having a stroke as are the elderly: One infant in every 4,000 live births has a stroke. We talked to pediatric neurologist Kristin Guilliams of Washington University School of Medicine about what causes in utero stroke. We also interviewed three mothers of in utero stroke survivors about their children’s experience of stroke.

Baby Oliver

Oliver Michael, Infant Stroke Survivor — Strokes can happen to the very young, even infants. Oliver Michael suffered both an ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke within his first 24 hours of life.

Growing Up A Survivor — David Dow and Kasey Koller were 10 years old when they survived strokes. It was a parent’s worst nightmare. We chronicled their stories at the time. In this issue we catch up with them (and their parents) as they enter adulthood.

Erik Dornbush

Erik Dornbush, Teenage Stroke Survivor — Less than a month before his thirteenth birthday, he'll never forget the day that changed his life forever.

Traveling Awareness Bear - Addy

Travelling Awareness Bears — A Stroke Connection Web Extra. Heartwarming story about a teddy bear's journey to kids across the globe who need a little love from a stuffed friend named Pat Bearowitz.

My Baby Had A Stroke — "By all accounts my son Brendon was born a healthy baby. As it turned out, those accounts weren't accurate. Stroke signs and symptoms were there from the start."

Stroke In Infants — As in adults, it is critical to identify a stroke in an infant quickly, but that is not easy to do.

Born to Survive — Four families who’ve experienced this difficult reality. Sam Baird (Scottsdale, Ariz.) and Todd Anthony ( Oklahoma City, Okla.) both had in utero strokes. Ashley Beach (Durango, Colo.) was just six months old. Tanya Koller had a stroke as the result of a carotid artery tear when she was 11 years old. All of their families have learned to dream new dreams for their children.

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