Kansas City Stroke Warning Signs Campaign Toolkit

Community Outreach Toolkit

With this toolkit, the American Stroke Association equips you with educational tools and resources to help us share the life-saving message of this campaign with Kansas City.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Develop a prevention pilot communications campaign focused on driving awareness of stroke warning signs in order to:
    • Increase knowledge of the warning signs among the community
    • Decrease delay between the onset of one or more symptoms and the decision to seek care by calling 9-1-1 immediately
  • Measure outcomes to determine effectiveness of the campaign's awareness efforts
Share and save lives.    

Campaign Toolkit

Outreach Guide

This informative guide educates hospitals of other campaign materials included in the toolkit and how they can be shared with the community.

Download Outreach Guide (PDF)


"Warning Signs of a Stroke" Poster

This eye-catching, downloadable poster concisely lists symptoms of a stroke and advises them to call 9-1-1 immediately upon symptom onset.

Download "Warning Signs of a Stroke" Poster (PDF)

Stroke Statistics for Kansas City Area

Learn about stroke-related hospitalization and mortality rates for Jackson County, Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas.

Download Stroke Statistics for Kansas City Area (PDF)


"Stroke Care Near You" Hospital Locator

With this handy online tool, users simply enter their address or zip code to discover the nearest stroke-certified hospital.

View Locator

Family Tree

This tool allows individuals to fill in their family tree with the names and medical conditions of each family member.

Download Family Tree (PDF)
Create Tree Online