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Stroke in Latin America Infographic | Spanish | Portuguese | English

What Is a Stroke | Spanish | English

F.A.S.T. Stroke Warning Signs | Spanish | English

What Is a Pediatric Stroke

Patient Education

Hablemos sobre ataque cerebral, AIT y señales de aviso
(Let's Talk About Stroke, TIA and Warning Signs )

Hablemos sobre los ataques cerebrales y la rehabilitación
(Let's Talk About Stroke and Rehabilitation)

Hablemos sobre el ataque hemorrágico al cerebro
(Let's Talk About Hemorrhagic Strokes)

Hablemos sobre el ataque isquémico al cerebro
(Let's Talk About Ischemic Strokes)

Hablemos sobre los cambios causados por un ataque cerebral
(Let's Talk About Changes Caused by Stroke)

Hablemos sobre el diagnóstico del ataque al cerebral
(Let's Talk About a Stroke Diagnosis)

Hablemos sobre de factores de riesgo de ataque cerebral
(Let's Talk About Risk Factors for Stroke)

hablemos sobre ataque cerebral Sample of Spanish Let's Talk About Stroke sheet

Clinical Papers and Guidelines

Diretrizes Para Tratamento do Acidente Vascuar Isquemico-

Prevention and Educational Resources

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