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One in six people will suffer a stroke in their lifetime. We won't stand idly by as this menacing disease claims the lives of our loved ones and independence. Join the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association in the effort to put an end to stroke.

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Stroke won’t wait. Neither should you. No excuse is more important than your health. Stroke is largely treatable. Responding quickly when a stroke occurs can mean the difference between recovery and disability. Recognize the signs. Call 911 immediately.

F: Face Drooping
A: Arm Weakness
S: Speech Difficulty
T: Time to call 911

World Stroke Day is October 29th. Stroke kills nearly 6.5 million people worldwide, however, quick treatment may reduce disability.
91% of patients who received treatment of the clot-busting drug tPA and a stent retriever within 2.5 hours showed very little or no disability. Knowing the signs and calling 911 are the first steps to receiving life-saving treatment.

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