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webinar: addressing the burden of stroke in Latin america. Listen now

Working Together to End Stroke: Collaboration Around the World

Stroke is the No. 2 cause of death in most Latin American countries, but many people in the region don't have access to basic stroke care. That's why the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association is partnering with Latin American organizations as part of World Stroke Day on Oct. 29.

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Leaders Converge in Chile at the First Latin American Summit

The AHA/ASA, ministry of health representatives and stroke professional societies converged in Santiago, Chile on World Stroke Day to discuss ways to reduce the burden of stroke in Latin America. Leaders addressed regional stroke plans that aligned with the World Heart Organization’s goal to reduce stroke mortality from non-communicable diseases by 25 percent by 2025. A call for strengthening health systems through quality improvement and patient outcomes was released. Download the Latin American Santiago Declaration in Spanish| English and take action.

Take action This World Stroke Day and throughout the year!

On World Stroke Day Oct. 29, and throughout the year, help us fight to end stroke. Share our Stroke in Latin America infographic all year long available in Spanish | Portuguese |English through social media or print and hand out to remind your friends, family and community that stroke is largely preventable, treatable and beatable.

Here are some other ways you can support our efforts.

  1. Learn about our Addressing Stroke in Latin America Webinar to learn more about the global effects of stroke and how you can help us put an end to stroke. *Webinar is in Spanish only*
  2. Share our World Stroke Day social messages (PDF) on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and join our World Stroke Day Twitter Chat on Oct. 29.
  3. If you're a healthcare professional or provider, visit our stroke resource centers available in Spanish and English to help educate your staff, patients and community about stroke.
  4. Unite with our Together to End Stroke Community and show your stroke support by ordering your Stroke Solidarity String.
  5. Visit Take 2 for Stroke to share your stroke story and learn how our National Sponsor is supporting global World Stroke Day Initiatives.
  6. Take a stand for stroke and find ways how you can be involved in our 2015 World Stroke Day campaign.

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Stroke Impact in Latin America

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