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 Stroke Support Groups

Stroke support groups challenge people to get beyond their limitations. Social interaction and simply feeling connected to others helps ease the depression and isolation so common after stroke. 
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 Stroke Family Warmline 

The Warmline connects stroke survivors and their families with an ASA team member who can provide support, helpful information or just a listening ear.

Although everyone at the ASA's National Call Center is qualified to answer questions about stroke, the Warmline team members have particularly special experience; either they are stroke survivors themselves or have a family member who is.

Call them at 1-888-4-STROKE (1-888-478-7653)
 Group of Technological Devices Online Support

No support group in your area, or do mobility or time restrictions make it hard to make it to a group? You can attend these groups on your schedule, without leaving the comfort of home.
  stroke connection Sep/OCT 2009 Stroke Connection Magazine 

Available in print or digital format, Stroke Connection includes stories by and about stroke survivors and their family caregivers. Take a look at our latest issue.

You can also become a fan of Stroke Connection on Facebook and connect with thousands of other stroke family members there.

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Stroke Connection: Survivor in the Senate

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Your Spring issue of Stroke Connection features the story of Senator Mark Kirk’s stroke and the recovery journey that put him back on Capitol Hill. Also in this issue: Uncommon causes of stroke and survivors who’ve had them; A mother’s stroke sets the course for her 10-year-old’s life; and much more!