Caregiver Poem

Updated:Feb 20,2013

The following is excerpted from Stroke Connection Magazine, January/February 2009.

Some days are good, some days are bad

Same days are happy, some days are sad

Sometimes I’ll cry, then I’ll let out a big sigh

I seek understanding from all the demanding

Sometimes they say things, unaware of the hurt it brings

Sometimes a little patience will do

To make it through the day with you

You can’t forget that I have feelings too

So you must remember I’m human like you.

They say we’re unsung heroes

Like soldiers in the field

Not knowing what the day’s challenges will yield

But a little thank you here – a little thank you there

Throw in some love – tell me you appreciate my care.

A few kind words will go a mile

Especially if it’s said with a smile

Who am I you ask?

And is there a message I’m sending?

Damn right I am—

I'm a caregiver and my work is never-ending.

— Eric Scanlan © 2006