Caring for Your Loved One After Stroke

Been There, Done That — Tips from Caregivers

Many Hats, One Head

Feeling Frustrated

Daily Renewal for Caregivers

Poor Thing — A reader submission from Stroke Connection Magazine

Tips for Caring for a Loved One in Long-Term Care

Caregiver Poem

Advocating For Your Loved One

The Caregiver's Advocacy Armor Patient advocacy tips from caregiver, geriatric care manager and elder law attorney Sue Fabian.

A Light Through the Fog Large hospitals, rehab centers and insurance companies are developing patient-advocacy systems to help patients resolve care and payment issues. Unfortunately, many patient issues cannot be resolved "in house." We highlight the stories of two stroke families who used a third-party advocate called the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF).

Personal Health Records A typical person sees multiple healthcare providers, undergoes multiple tests and may even have multiple insurers. If you're responsible for family members' health information there's even more to keep track of. Thanks to the Internet and small digital-memory devices like USB thumb drives, it is easy to do.

Assessing a Rehab Facility Checklist Print copies of this handy checklist, and ask these questions when you're touring a facility.

Heart of Caregiving


As a caregiver, you may think your first responsibility is to your loved one, but it’s really to yourself. You’ve got to take care of your own health and well-being to do the best you can for your loved. Learn more about our resources to help you take care of you.

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