A Personal Experience Treating Hypertension

Updated:May 29,2014

Excerpted from "What's New with Your blood Pressure?", Stroke Connection Magazine September/October 2003

Dorothy Meads has many years of experience with hypertension and the challenges of daily medication. The 77-year-old Florida resident was 42 when she was diagnosed and went on medication. At 65 she had a transient ischemic attack (TIA or mini-stroke) attributed to the hypertension. “Although I had been on a salt-free diet for 10 years,” she says, “salt had crept back into my diet through restaurant and other prepared food.” 

Dorothy Meads has been taking medicine every day for more than 30 years.

Here’s what’s worked for her:

  • Be patient. It takes time working with your doctor to find the right combination of medications.
  • Have a pillbox that has spaces for seven days of medication.
  • Take the medicine at the same time every day.
  • Never skip a day.
  • Know what you’re taking and why.

“I think the biggest problem is that people don’t understand their doctor,” says Dorothy, who still works the front desk at the building where she lives. “They don’t know why they’re taking the medicine. People need a good doctor and need to follow his instructions.”

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