Personal Stories: Emotions and Behavior After Stroke

Updated:Mar 9,2015

Invisible Wounds

Survivor Rina Terry of Cordova, Maryland shares her feelings about the psychological challenges her recovery brought her. A wife and mother she discusses her feelings of frustration with her physical deficits and how her self-confidence was affected by seeing the reactions of others.

The View from in Here
Survivor Mary Morgan shares her journey in finding out who she is after a stroke changed her life at age 58. Mary's story is poignant and heartfelt, as she describes letting go of her "old self," her pre-stroke self, and adjusting to life as her "new self," her post-stroke self.

The Social Side of Stroke
Stroke survivor Yvonne Lewis made a concerted effort to become social again after her stroke and tells us how.

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Seeking support from others who've experienced stroke can be a huge benefit to recovery. Stroke groups afford the opportunity to share feelings, ideas and resources.  Find a group in your area.