Stroke Heroes Among Us

Updated:Jul 11,2013
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Scott Davis, Stroke Survivor

Scott Davis Image
Scott never thought he would have a stroke, but thanks to his support team, he is a stroke survivor.
Read more about his story and watch Scott's inspirational video. 
Joe Downing, EMS Professional
Joe Downing Image
Joe helped save Scott’s life by responding to his stroke F.A.S.T. Read more about Joe's heroic response.
Cindy Hoeksema, School Nurse

Cindy Nurse Image
Cindy recognized Scott’s stroke warning signs and helped him stay calm. Read more about how Cindy identified and responded to Scott's symptoms.

Anna Boelcskevy, Stroke Survivor


After having an ischemic stroke more than a decade ago, Anna lives a full life. Read more about Anna's journey and watch her story.