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Understand the effects of stroke and what can be done to maximize recovery and independence. 
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When someone has had a stroke, the chance of having another is increased. But you can take steps to control this risk.
When a loved one experiences a stroke, it affects everyone who cares about them. Understand the role of the family caregiver and  find helpful resources for taking care of your loved one and yourself.
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Explore stories of and by stroke survivors and family caregivers who are making the most out of life after stroke.

Looking for Post-Stroke Tips?

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Check out stroke survivors' tips for adapting to their post-stroke challenges.

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Stroke Connection: Survivor in the Senate

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Your Spring issue of Stroke Connection features the story of Senator Mark Kirk’s stroke and the recovery journey that put him back on Capitol Hill. Also in this issue: Uncommon causes of stroke and survivors who’ve had them; A mother’s stroke sets the course for her 10-year-old’s life; and much more!