Emotional and Behavioral Challenges After Stroke

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After a stroke, people often experience emotional and behavioral changes. This is because stroke affects the brain, and our brain controls our behavior and emotions. Injury from a stroke may make a person forgetful, careless, irritable or confused. Stroke survivors may also feel anxiety, anger or depression.

Many disabilities resulting from stroke improve with time. Behavior changes and emotional health can also improve over time.

Conditions Impacting Emotions ImageConditions Impacting Emotions & Behavior
Learn more about depression, reflex crying (psuedobulbar effect), one-side neglect, memory challenges and other conditions that may affect a stroke survivor's mood or behavior after stroke.

Maximizing Emotional/Behavioral Recovery & Independence
Find tips and advice for improving and managing the conditions that may affect mood and behavior after stroke such as enhancing self-esteem and memory.

Personal Stories
Read stories of stroke survivors sharing their challenges and accomplishments related to emotional/behavioral changes after their strokes.

Especially for Caregivers
Especially for Caregivers Image
Information specifically for stroke family caregivers to help them cope with emotional/behaviorial changes that may affect their loved ones after stroke.

Additional Resources
Helpful links to other organizations with useful information

To request an information packet about stroke, visit our stroke information request.


Stroke Connection: Survivor in the Senate

Stroke Connection Spring 2014 Cover
Your Spring issue of Stroke Connection features the story of Senator Mark Kirk’s stroke and the recovery journey that put him back on Capitol Hill. Also in this issue: Uncommon causes of stroke and survivors who’ve had them; A mother’s stroke sets the course for her 10-year-old’s life; and much more!  

Find Support

Seeking support from others who've experienced stroke can be a huge benefit to recovery. Stroke groups afford the opportunity to share feelings, ideas and resources.  Find a group in your area.