Central Pain Resources

Mary Simpson, a stroke survivor who has managed the website and online community for the Central Pain Syndrome Foundation, places her pain level “usually at 3 to 5 with meds. I have seen levels of 7 to 8 for short periods when triggered by a reaction to a medicine or an injury.” Mary finds some relief from the anti-convulsant Neurontin.

She keeps in touch with the world through the Internet via her online stroke support groups. “I am a big advocate of online stroke support. The sooner one looks online, the faster they are helped. The vast knowledge of hundreds of stroke survivors awaits anyone who looks online.”

Central Pain Syndrome Alliance
A comprehensive informational and support site for central pain syndrome sufferers. On this site, you can join an online support group.

National Chronic Pain Outreach Association
Its purpose is to lessen the suffering of people with chronic pain by educating pain sufferers, healthcare professionals and the public about chronic pain and its management.

American Academy of Pain Management
Search for neurologists who are also pain management specialists.