Personal Stories: Physical Challenges After Stroke

Updated:Mar 9,2015

Perseverance + Patience = Peace
Survivor Kathy Spencer of Carroll, Ohio has a can-do attitude, but a stroke at 53 sorely tested her. She was so used to living her life unencumbered, that she forgot to cut herself slack in recovering from right side hemiparesis. Once she got the message that patience was a key element of recovery, she made tremendous progress. In her article, she shares how she persevered with the smallest ability until over time she has regained the use of her right side. She is even playing piano again.

Enjoying My Second Chance 
Gary Drach of San Carlos, Cal. lived more than 30 years with the knowledge he had an inoperable AVM. When it finally caused a stroke at age 47, his life was devastated. But with determination, a lot of therapy and a service dog, he has made a meaningful life for himself as a stroke survivor.

Silver Lining
Survivor Gina Terry of Cordova, Maryland shares her story of recovery. After her stroke, her husband Greg got interested in physical therapy. Gina explains the changes the family has undergone in order to cope with the new demands of three full-time students (Greg and their two children) in the house.