Physical Challenges After Stroke

Physical Challenges

You have survived a stroke, and now you are home. What’s next? While every stroke is different, some type of disability or physical limitation is common. Setting reasonable, step-by-step goals regarding these three important areas of your life may be a good next step for you:
  • Recovering as much independence and mobility as possible.
  • Staying safe while returning to activity (preventing falls)
  • Living your life as fully and comfortably as possible after your stroke.
Your attitude and effort matter most of all. Many stroke survivors who follow a rehabilitation plan regain significant function. The more you use your body, the better you will get.

husband and wifeConditions Impacting Physical Abilities After Stroke
Learn more about post-stroke fatique, dysphagia (trouble swallowing) visual field cuts (problems with your field of vision) and other conditions that may affect a stroke survivor’s physical abilities.

Maximizing Physical Recovery & Independence
Find tips and advice for improving and managing the conditions that may affect physical abilities after stroke as well as learning more about many different types of therapies.

Personal Stories
Read stories of stroke survivors and caregivers sharing their challenges and accomplishments related to physical abilities after their strokes.


Especially for Caregivers

Information specifically for stroke family caregivers to help them cope with physical changes that may affect their loved ones after stroke.

Additional Resources

Helpful links to other organizations with useful information regarding stroke’s effects on physical abilities.

To request an information packet about stroke, visit our stroke information request.

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Find Support

Seeking support from others who've experienced stroke can be a huge benefit to recovery. Stroke groups afford the opportunity to share feelings, ideas and resources.  Find a group in your area.

Stroke Family Caregivers

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Calling all Stroke Family Caregivers:
Take care of yourself while you take care of your loved ones. Find tips and tools on our Stroke Caregivers website.

Stroke Connection: Survivor in the Senate

Stroke Connection Spring 2014 Cover
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