Sharegivers Peer Visitor Program

Updated:Dec 8,2015

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About the Program

New stroke survivors and caregivers have emotions, concerns and questions that are best addressed by those who have personal experience. That’s why the American Stroke Association developed the ShareGivers™ Peer Visitor Program. It connects stroke survivors who are at least 18 months post-stroke with recent stroke patients to provide support, information and encouragement.

This important information is delivered by trained peer visitors — stroke survivors who can share their own personal perspective. After completing the ShareGivers™ training course, peer visitors are uniquely equipped with the skills to share their experience, encourage progress and lend support to stroke survivors and their families throughout the recovery process.

About the Kit

The turnkey SharegiversTM Peer Visitor Program Facilitator Kit provides specific instructions on how to start and implement a program in your facility as well as material to support and promote it.  You also receive access to the SharegiversTM Web site for support and updates.

The program includes:

Twelve lesson plans, each 1–2 hours in duration, that can be covered in 6–12 sessions

Lessons 1–8 cover the needs of stroke survivors and family.  Topics include causes and consequences of stroke, stress, self-esteem and more.  Can also be offered as a stand-alone stroke education course for a general audience.

Lessons 9–12 teach active listening skills and the essential guidelines for visiting.

DVD with 4 programs

  • What is Aphasia
  • Living with Disability
  • Caregiving
  • Secondary Prevention

Sharegivers Peer Visitor Program Supporting Materials

ShareGivers is a peer visiting training program for stroke survivors, their family members, friends and others. The program takes participants through a series of classes designed to address the physical, mental and emotional changes stroke survivors may face. This was formerly called the Peer Visitor Program

The ShareGiver display poster is a 4-Color “11X17” poster designed to promote the ShareGivers program.

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