Stroke Recovery Resources

Recovery - Surviving a stroke is just the beginning. Tools to support survivors, their love oned and caregivers.

Stroke Recovery Infographics 

  1. Stroke Rehab Guidelines: Recommendations for Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility and Best Outcomes (PDF)
  2. Aphasia-Communicating Through Barriers | Males (PDF) | Females (PDF)
  3. Exercise Recommendations for Stroke Survivors (PDF)
  4. 5 Things Never to Say to Caregivers (PDF)

Self-Care and Home-Care Resources 

  1. Practical Tips for Finding Time for Self Care (PDF)
  2. Financial Guide After Stroke (PDF)
  3. Daily Home Care Guide (PDF) | (Editable PDF)
  4. Stroke Discharge List | for patients and caregivers (PDF) 

Stroke Recovery Resources

  1. Stroke Rehab Planning List | Patient Quick Sheet (PDF)
  2. Making Rehabilitation Decisions | Patient Guide (PDF)
  3. Advancing Stroke Recovery Through Emotional and Social Support | (PDF) | Poster (PPT)
  4. Join the Support Network (PDF)
  5. Stroke Rehab: Choosing the Right Stroke Rehab Facility
  6. Changes Caused by Stroke (PDF)
  7. Stroke and Rehabilitation (PDF)
  8. Complications After Stroke (PDF)
  9. Emotional Changes After Stroke (PDF)
  10. Stroke Diagnosis (PDF)
  11. The Stroke Family Caregiver (PDF)
  12. Stroke and Aphasia (PDF)
  13. Driving After Stroke (PDF)
  14. Feeling Tired After Stroke (PDF)
  15. Living at Home After Stroke (PDF)

Cryptogenic Stroke Resources

  1. What is a Cryptogenic Stroke (PDF)
  2. Understanding Diagnosis and Treatment of Cryptogenic Stroke: A Healthcare Professional Toolkit (PDF)
  3. A Patient Guide to Understanding Strokes of Unknown Cause (PDF)
  4. About Cryptogenic Stroke One Pager (PDF)
  5. Cryptogenic Stroke Education Deck (PowerPoint document)
  6. Cryptogenic Stroke Conference Report (PDF)
  7. Cryptogenic Stroke Waiting Room Poster (PDF)

Quality stroke rehab can lead to quality of life.

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