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Introducing Target: Stroke Phase II 

Target: Stroke is a national quality improvement initiative focused on improving acute ischemic stroke care by reducing door-to-needle times for eligible patients being treated with tPA.

A recent study on Target: Stroke published in The Journal of the American Medical Association indicated the positive impact of the initiative:

  • Participating hospitals dropped average door-to-needle times from 74 minutes to 59 minutes — a 15-minute improvement.
  • Overall, the percentage of patients treated within 60 minutes increased from less than 30 percent to more than 50 percent.
  • Patients treated within 60 minutes experience improved outcomes, including lower in-hospital mortality and reduced long-term disability.

Now the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association is launching Target: Stroke Phase II to continue eliminating treatment delays for people who suffer ischemic strokes. The association is challenging hospitals to provide tPA to eligible patients in an even more timely fashion.

The primary goal for Target: Stroke Phase II is for hospitals to achieve door-to-needle times within 60 minutes in 75 percent or more of acute ischemic stroke patients treated with tPA.

Starting in January 2015, hospitals will have the opportunity to be recognized with two new Target: Stroke Honor Roll levels. The Honor Roll levels will include: Target: Stroke Honor Roll, Target: Stroke Honor Roll-Elite and Target: Stroke Honor Roll-Elite Plus. Learn more about Target: Stroke Honor Roll.

Access Target: Stroke clinical tools and resources. Access the Target: Stroke Phase II Campaign Manual (PDF).

Why Join?

  1. Target: Stroke works: Data shows the impact of Target: Stroke. It’s critical that hospitals actively participate in Target: Stroke Phase II to continue eliminating treatment delays and improving outcomes for acute ischemic stroke patients.
  2. You aren’t alone: Participating hospitals gain access to an extensive network of support that includes more than 1,200 other Target: Stroke hospitals.
  3. Gain support: The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association supports participating hospitals by providing expert consultation, clinical tools, webinars, workshops and research.

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