Target: Stroke Clinical Resources and Tool Kit

Updated:Oct 17,2014

Laboratory testing—Rationale and Tips for Reducing Door-to-Needle Times Without Compromising Patient Safety

This tool provides three tips to tips to avoid laboratory delays to improve your patient’s door-to-needle times

Target: Stroke EMS Guide
Rapid intervention is crucial in the treatment of stroke. This document provides a brief synopsis of management of patients with a suspected stroke.

Stroke Quality Feedback Report
This document is an example of a stroke quality feedback report that can be used by hospitals to reduce their door to needle times.

Target: Stroke Patient Time Tracker
This document is an example of stroke patient time tracker that can be used by hospitals to reduce their door to needle times by tracking information such as door to TPA time, door to CT/MRI time, Door to stroke team notification, as well as other important information.

Target: Stroke Best Practices
This document delineates the 11 key best practice strategies for reducing door-to-needle times for intravenous tPA in acute ischemic stroke.
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Target: Stroke Navigation

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