Clinical Resources and Tools

Updated:Nov 26,2014

Target: Stroke provides hospitals with a variety of resources to help achieve Target: Stroke goals. American Heart Association/American Stroke Association expert field staff can also provide consultation to hospitals to improve door-to-needle times.

Target: Stroke Phase II Flyer
This flyer provides information about Target: Stroke Phase II, including information about the new Honor Roll levels.

Target: Stroke Best Practices
This document outlines the 11 key best practice strategies for reducing door-to-needle times for intravenous tPA in acute ischemic stroke.

Laboratory Testing: Tips for Reducing Door-to-Needle Times Without Compromising Patient Safety
This tool provides three tips to tips to avoid laboratory delays to improve your patient’s door-to-needle times.

Target: Stroke EMS Guide
Rapid intervention is crucial in the treatment of stroke. This document provides a brief synopsis of management of patients with a suspected stroke.

Stroke Quality Feedback Report
This document is an example of a stroke quality feedback report that can be used by hospitals to reduce their door to needle times.

The following updated resources will be available soon!
  • Target: Stroke Phase II Hospital Orientation Manual
  • Target: Stroke Phase II Time Tracker
  • Target: Stroke Phase II Direct to CT Protocol
  • Target: Stroke Phase II Shared Decision Making/Informed Consent Guide

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