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Updated:Sep 23,2011

As part of our planning for future issues, we recently posted a request for topics to all of our fans on Facebook and got great ideas and responses. Because we already have some great information on some of the topics you were looking for, we wanted to be sure and provide a way for you to access that information. Following are links to past articles and areas of the American Stroke Association website that we hope will be helpful for you! Thanks again for being the most fabulous readers any publication could have!

Stroke In Young People:
Many of the stories we publish in Stroke Connection are about younger adult survivors, but here are a couple of recent stories specifically focused on issues younger survivors face:
Stroke Before 50: Younger Survivors Face Unique Challenges

Therapy for Younger Survivors

Memory Challenges:
In addition to the link below, we’ll also have an article about memory coming up in our November/December 2011 issue, so stay tuned and check it out when it gets here!

Navigating the Memory Maze


Coping with Pain

When the Pain Never Goes Away: Central Pain Syndrome
(Be sure to notice the “Related Links” box on the right for links to all sections of the story.)


Keeping Your Balance

Falling After A Stroke

Vascular Dementia:

Here is a link to a .pdf of an entire issue that features a cover story about vascular dementia:

Aphasia in seniors:

Though we never focused on a particular age range, we have done many articles on aphasia and how to help and improve communication with those who have it. Here’s a link to a recent article about global aphasia, as well as a link to the section of the ASA website that focuses on communication challenges, and many helpful links to past articles here:

Global Aphasia

Communication Challenges section of

One-side neglect / Right-brain injury impulsiveness:

When the Left is Left Off

One-side Neglect: Improving Awareness to Speed Recovery

Becoming more independent using one hand:

The Personal Care & Daily Activities and Grab Bag sections on this page have several articles to link to with tips for doing things one-handed.

Various modifications to different areas of the home that can enhance independence.

PFO & Migraine:

Holes in the Heart

Musicians/Music Therapy:

Harmonic Healing
(This link is to a full pdf of an issue with musicians and music therapy as the cover story)

Sexual Performance and Intimacy Post Stroke:

Sex and Intimacy after Stroke


Fatigue After Stroke

Tuckered Out


My Garden of Independence

Growing Peace of Mind

Cooking/Kitchen Aids:

A Kitchen Makeover: Making Cooking Simpler and Safer

Stroke In Children:
Several of you mentioned various aspects of stroke in children that you wanted to know more about. Though some of the specifics asked for may not be covered in the story links below, there may be helpful information here for some, and we’ve made note of the new things you’ve mentioned.

Keep an eye out for our January/February 2012 issue, we’re featuring follow up stories on several kids who we covered in the past who are now either adults, or near adulthood.

My Baby Had a Stroke

Stroke in Infants

Stroke Note: Stroke in Children

Born to Survive
(The above link is to a full pdf of an issue with a cover story about children with stroke.)

Physical Exercise / Mental Exercise / Meditation:

Getting Physical

Fun In The Summer Sun

Weight Management in a Wheelchair

Getting Active, Staying Active

New Developments in Rehab

Sit Still, Do Nothing
(The above link is to a full pdf of an issue, the article on meditation is on page 8 of the issue.)

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