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For 20 years Stroke Connection has been providing stroke families with a wealth of information and inspiration supporting recovery, independence and reducing risk of recurrent stroke.

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Issues from 2007 and later are all available in our user-friendly e-zine format. Once you've opened an issue of the e-zine, you can perform a keyword search for information in that issue, or across all of the available back issues.

You may also access issues published from 2004 through the latest issue in downloadable PDF format here.  


 Winter 2014 Cover
Winter 2014
Ezine | PDF | Summary
 Spring 2014 Cover
Spring 2014
Ezine | PDF | Summary
 Summer 2014 Cover
Summer 2014
Ezine | PDF | Summary
 Fall 2014 Cover
Fall 2014
Ezine | PDF | Summary


 Stroke Connection Winter 2013 Cover
Winter 2013
Ezine | PDF | Summary
 Stroke Connection Spring 2013
Spring 2013
Ezine | PDF | Summary
 Stroke Connection Summer 2013
Summer 2013
Ezine | PDFSummary
 Stroke Connection Fall 2013 Cover with Marilyn Manno and John Kawie
Fall 2013
Ezine | PDFSummary

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Stroke families put the ‘connection’ in Stroke Connection. Every issue carries stories by or about stroke survivors and family caregivers.

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