SCM January/February 2004

Updated:Dec 21,2012

Stroke Connection Magazine - Jan Feb 2004Resist This! - Weight Training After Stroke -- Three stories show that strength training is more than a fad.  Stroke survivors are achieving amazing results.  Mark Acevedo returned to work as a fireman with the help of strength trainer Tom Wisenbaker.  Dan Nowak specializes in strength training for other stroke survivors.  Clinical exercise therapist Rick Bonafazio shares his success training stroke survivors.

Seeing Single -- After a car accident when he was only 28, Brent Bundy had several strokes.  He could not walk or talk and had double vision.  He recovered everything in rehab except for his vision.  In 2000, a Botox injection restored his eyesight.  Now he is on a mission to share what he has learned.

A Common Bond  -- A fairy tale story of two stroke survivors Santino Magnano and Gregg Bradford, who met at a gym in Wallingford.  Santino's daughter Lorraine also met Gregg at that gym, and they fell in love and got married. Santino and Gregg play golf together and are renovating a room for a baby Lorraine and Gregg hope to adopt.

When the Beat Is Off – This article explains the causes and characteristics of atrial fibrillation, a risk factor for stroke.  Dr. Andrea Russo of the University of Pennsylvania Health System describes treatments for this troublesome condition.

The Secrets of Success -- A roundtable of thriving survivors tells all, featuring David Layton of Greensboro, N.C.; Kate Adamson of Redondo Beach, Calif.; Art Gottlieb of Long Beach, Calif.; Wendy Covill of Guildhall, N.H.; Sherry May of Newton, Iowa; John Kawie of New York; and Norm Weissman of University Heights, Ohio.


Letters to the Editor features correspondence from readers about the magazine’s editorial content.

Readers Room features personal stories, letters, poems and artwork from stroke survivors and family caregivers.

Everyday Survival features helpful tips for activities of daily living and resources. In this issue:

  • Books by stroke survivors and caregivers
  • Stroke survivor and caregiver tips for survivors and caregivers