SCM January/February 2006

Updated:Mar 16,2012

Stroke Connection Magazine - Jan Feb 2006Born to Survive

Most people rarely consider that children have strokes. Not only children, but infants, too. Some have strokes before they are born. In this feature story, we profile four families who’ve experienced this difficult reality. Sam Baird (Scottsdale, Ariz.) and Todd Anthony ( Oklahoma City, Okla.) both had in utero strokes. Ashley Beach (Durango, Colo.) was just six months old. Tanya Koller had a stroke as the result of a carotid artery tear when she was 11 years old.  All of their families have learned to dream new dreams for their children.

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A Case of Parenting as Therapy
As all survivors know, stroke changes your life in major ways, but if you want a real life-changing event, have twins. Chris Bulthuis of Hartland, Mich., has had both experiences, and though both were unexpected, they have combined into a satisfying new role — stay-at-home dad.

Saving Strokes, Changing Lives
A six-year-old California golf event is beginning to spread to other parts of the West. Saving Strokes was started in Sacramento as a way to get stroke survivors involved in golf. Survivors get a lesson from a teaching pro specially trained to work with stroke survivors, then they can play a three-hole fun tournament. Caregivers, meanwhile, get to be pampered at the “Comfort Green.”

Controlling Post-Stroke Seizures
Dr. Ralph Sacco, professor of neurology at Columbia School of Medicine, provides a primer on seizures, a common effect of stroke, as well as strategies and medication used to control them.

The Respite Zone
Mark Warner, an architect who works with the Alzheimer’s Foundation, gives cogent advice for caregivers on creating a haven in the home for themselves.


Letters to the Editor features correspondence from readers about the magazine’s editorial content.

Stroke Notes features "newsy" stroke-related information on stroke research, risk reduction, ASA events, advocacy efforts, etc.       

Readers Room features personal stories, letters, poems and artwork from stroke survivors and family caregivers.

Life at the Curb: I Get Around
Survivor and comedian John Kawie navigates New York City after his stroke.

Everyday Survival features helpful tips for activities of daily living and resources. In this issue:

Suggestions for Survivors – 84-year-old survivor John Schlosser of Stanwood, Wash., shares some humor as well as helpful hints about ways he’s learned to cope with the world using only one hand.