SCM Mar/Apr 2010

Updated:Nov 11,2016

Stroke Connection Magazine - Mar Apr 2010
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Stroke in Infants
Stroke is relatively rare in children and infants, but that fact doesn’t matter when you hear that your baby has had a stroke. This article examines initial and ongoing therapy for infants who’ve experienced stroke as well as emotional development. We share the story of Oliver, who had his stroke when he was one day old.

Martial Arts for Survivors!
Who’d have thought that an ancient Chinese martial art - tai chi - could improve the lives of modern-day stroke survivors? Tai chi consists of slow, coordinated movements of the head, trunk and limbs that require deep concentration and balance control. Dr. Bruce McFarlane is the medical director of the Health Recovery Program at the International Centre of the Taoist Tai Chi Society near Orangeville in southern Ontario. Michael Haley, 44, of Halifax, Nova Scotia found Taoist Tai Chi™ eight years ago, 20 years after a motorcycle accident left him with a fractured spine and limited movement on his left side. As a result of his work in the program he has recovered much of the movement and capacity he lost.

Reaching Out to Survivors
Author, group facilitator and stroke survivor Art Gottlieb shares insights on reaching out to survivors and getting them involved in a stroke support group.

Stroke Notes
features ‘newsy’ stroke-related information on stroke research, risk reduction, ASA events, advocacy efforts, etc.
Readers Room 
features personal stories, letters, poems and artwork from stroke survivors and family caregivers.
Life at the Curb: New York State of Mind
This month comedian and survivor John Kawie takes a visiting relative on a tour of NYC.

Everyday Survival 
features tips for modifying your bedroom for ease of movement and safety.