SCM March/April 2004

Updated:Dec 21,2012

Stroke Connection Magazine - Mar Apr 2004A Stroke in the Craters of the Moon - Conservationist Mike Medberry of Salt Lake City, Utah describes his harrowing experience surviving a stroke in the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho.

Give Up All Hope of a Better Past - After Mike Rampa had a hemorrhagic stroke, his doctors advised him, "Don't let the stroke define who you are." He disagrees with the doctors; he is doing the opposite by accepting his limitations after the stroke and setting realistic goals.

Taking Time to Tell Your Story - Survivors Grace Ebersole and Bette Williams used the time after their stroke to explore their writing talents.

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat - Tim Podell created a successful new career after his stroke. He interviews children's book authors and sells these educational videos to schools across the country and Canada. In an accompanying sidebar, professor Jerry White of the Cox School of Business in Dallas describes what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Sit Still, Do Nothing - Stroke Connection writer/editor and meditation instructor Jon Caswell discusses the benefits of daily meditation.

A Toe-Curling Experience - We describe several treatments for claw toe. Stroke survivor Katherine Ware found relief for this painful condition through surgery.


Letters to the Editor features correspondence from readers about the magazine’s editorial content.

Stroke Notes features “newsy” stroke-related information on stroke research, risk reduction, ASA events, advocacy efforts, etc. In this issue:

  • Information about the Go Red For Women campaign to raise awareness of women's risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • High pollution levels may make people more susceptible to stroke.
  • Having diabetes along with high blood pressure dramatically raises the risk of "silent strokes."
  • Doctors need to evaluate heart disease risk in stroke patients.

Readers Room features personal stories, letters, poems and artwork from stroke survivors and family caregivers.

Everyday Survival features helpful tips for activities of daily living and resources. In this issue:

Daily Money Management - We discuss how daily money managers can help stroke families with their finances.