SCM March/April 2009

Updated:Mar 6,2015

Stroke Connection Magazine - Mar Apr 2009
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Intimacy after Stroke
Sex is a sensitive subject for many stroke survivors and their mates. Stroke can cause big changes in the lives of couples who are sexually active. And talking about these issues may be extremely uncomfortable for some. We talked to two experts – Dr. Randie Black-Schaffer, medical director of the Stroke Rehabilitation Program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago stroke rehab nurse Florence Denby, as well as two anonymous survivors about this complicated subject.

Silver Lining
Survivor Rina Terry of Cordova, Maryland shares her story of recovery. After her stroke, her husband Greg got interested in physical therapy. Rina explains the changes the family has undergone in order to cope with the new demands of three full-time students (Greg and their two children) in the house.

The Diabetes & CVD Connection
We talked to Dr. Prakash Deedwania about the relationship between diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


Letters to the Editor features correspondence from readers about the magazine’s editorial content.

Stroke Notes features ‘newsy’ stroke-related information on stroke research, risk reduction, ASA events, advocacy efforts, etc.

Readers Room features personal stories, letters, poems and artwork from stroke survivors and family caregivers.

Life at the Curb: Hey Good Lookin’ Whatcha Got Cookin’?
This month comedian and survivor John Kawie shares a cooking adventure.

Everyday Survival features information on finding quality care using online resources. There is also a checklist for evaluating long-term care facilities.