SCM May/June 2003

Updated:Dec 21,2012

Stroke Connection Magazine - May Jun 2003Exploring the World of CAM — Many stroke survivors are interested in exploring all possible avenues for enhancing their ongoing recovery from stroke.  Acupuncture, biofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, Reiki massage and other therapies are discussed.  An important list of ‘red flags’ to look for before considering one of these therapies is included.

The Language of Aphasia— Anastasia M. Raymer, PhD, CCC-SLP, member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, explains different types of aphasia.           

 With A Little Help From His Friends— M.A. Ricciardi of Boston, Mass., writes about how she and seven other friends have formed a supportive surrogate family for former dee-jay Michael “Mickey Dee” Linick, who lives with locked-in syndrome after a massive stroke at age 37.

A Rolling Nightmare — Jackie Oder of Grand Rapids, Mich., is a female truck driver who had a stroke at the wheel of her 18-wheeler, “The Big Lady.” 

Pain, Pain Go Away —  Professionals discuss current effective treatments for central pain (thalamic pain) as well as promising experimental studies. The American Chronic Pain Association gives suggestions on how to cope with chronic pain.

A Drive to Recover —  With a can-do attitude and help from family and mentors, Roy Breneman of Long Beach, Calif., is now back playing a winning game of golf as well as mentoring other stroke survivors.


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