SCM September/October 2003

Updated:Dec 21,2012

Stroke Connection Magazine - Sept Oct 2003When the Pain Never Goes Away
— Mary Simpson of Grand Junction, Col., and several members of an online central pain support group, describe what their lives are like with central pain — a chronic condition caused by injury to the central nervous system.

Depression Trumps Recovery — Professional explanations of how depression acts like an anchor in stroke rehabilitation, weighing down a survivor's progress.

What’s New with Your Blood Pressure? — New hypertension guidelines from the NHLBI prompted us to revisit stroke's No. 1 modifiable risk factor. We outline the causes, ways to lower it and why doctors often prescribe more than one medication.

From the Porch to the Driveway — Stroke survivor Frank Mountford of Pittsburgh, Penn., learned how small, achievable goals can produce big, gratifying results. A sidebar outlines goal-setting techniques.

Aphasia vs. Apraxia — Janet Patterson, a speech-language pathologist and member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, compares differences, similarities between, and typical therapies for, aphasia and apraxia of speech.


  • Letters to the Editor features correspondence from readers.
  • Readers Room features personal stories, letters, poems and artwork from stroke survivors and family caregivers.
  • Everyday Survival features helpful tips for activities of daily living and resources.
  • Life is at the Curb — Standup comic John Kawie refused to give up his passion for comedy after his stroke. He created the one-man comedy show "Brain Freeze" about his experience with stroke and performs it at New York City's famous Fringe Festival.