SCM September/October 2009

Updated:Mar 6,2015

Stroke Connection Magazine - Sep Oct 2009
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Boosting Self-Esteem After Stroke
Stroke can affect self-esteem the same way fire ants can impact a picnic: disastrously. We talked to two experts about emotional recovery and social reintegration after stroke. They provide valuable insights into the devastating impact stroke may have on the self-esteem of survivors, and how that affects social reintegration, and the crucial role that plays in recovery.

When the Word Escapes
For many survivors with aphasia, finding the right word can be an ordeal. There are a number of causes of this deficit, which is called anomia. Speech therapist Janet Patterson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP shared her insights about its causes as well as some helpful tips for overcoming it.

Online Resources for People with Diabetes
We have put together a list of online resources that have valuable information about diabetes and how to manage it. It is a good synopsis of the many elements of the Heart Of Diabetes program.


Stroke Notes features "newsy" stroke-related information on stroke research, risk reduction, ASA events, advocacy efforts, etc. 

Readers Room features personal stories, letters, poems and artwork from stroke survivors and family caregivers.

Life at the Curb: The Book of Rehab
This month comedian and survivor John Kawie outlines his own Book of Rehab.

Everyday Survival features tips for one-handed grooming.