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Updated:Oct 30,2013

Sometimes the staff of Stroke Connection has more to tell you than we can possibly fit in the space allowed. The following are links to supplemental information that goes hand in hand with published articles.

November/December 2008
"When Loved Ones Lash Out"

September/October 2008
Supplemental information for Getting Active

  • Read our full interview with physiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Frates of Harvard Medical School; Getting Active, Staying Active

 July/August 2008
 Supplemental information for modifying a kitchen for people with disabilities.  


January/February 2007 
Supplemental Letters to the Editor on Botox injections, dealing with drop foot and more on public restrooms for persons with disabilities.                            

  • Supplemental Letters to the Editor                                                                                                                      

September/October 2006
Supplemental information for "Dimensions of Dementia"

July/August 2006
We covered a number of leading-edge rehabilitation developments.                                 
See the updates on those therapies.

January/February 2006
Supplemental information for "Born to Survive"

January/February 2005
Supplemental information for "Behavioral Changes After A Stroke":

November/December 2004
Supplemental information for "Sandwiched between a Rock and a Hard Place"

July/August 2004
Supplemental information or "Tough Work If You Can Get It"