Resources for Expanding Comfort Zones - Stroke Connection Fall 2012

Updated:Nov 15,2016

Stroke Connection Fall 2012 cover In our article "Expanding Comfort Zones" in the Fall 2012 issue of Stroke Connection Magazine, we focus on a topic that we've heard about from many stroke families over the years: how friends and family tend to dwindle, and sometimes disappear, after a stroke. It seems to happen even more often when aphasia is involved. As fluency evaporates, sometimes friends do, too.

Most people need to be educated about aphasia; they also need some suggestions about how to communicate with a survivor who has aphasia. In our article, we recommend giving written information to family and friends to help them understand the situation. Encourage them to ask questions.

The American Speech Language and Hearing Association has developed a quick and easy educational tip sheet for us, Communication After Stroke: Understanding How Stroke Affects Language & Speech, that you can download from the link below. Highlight the information in the sheet that is specific to your, or your loved one's experience to help friends and family understand, expand their comfort zones and be available to support and enjoy your relationships.

Also provided below are links to other areas to find helpful information for yourself, or to share with others as you help them to understand more about your stroke recovery journey.

Communication After Stroke: Understanding How Stroke Affects Language & Speech (downloadable pdf from the American Speech, Language & Hearing Association)

Conditions Impacting Communication After Stroke

Especially For Family Caregivers