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  • 51. American Heart/American Stroke Association... health, achieve their goals, develop habits to live a balanced ... celebrate my own 29 years of life, I am ... Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of ... ribute_Story_BHeller

  • 52. Stroke Among Hispanics... Salud es Vida — Health is Life," Stroke Connection Magazine ... quarters of all Hispanics live in California ... of risk factors for stroke when compared with ... ngRisk/Stroke-Among-Hispanics_UCM_310393_Article.jsp

  • 53. Hidden Stroke Risk Factors for Women... have an increased risk of future hypertension and stroke one to 30 years after delivery. ... Stroke Warning Signs and Symptoms. My Life Check®. ... ngRisk/Hidden-Stroke-Risk-Factors-for-Women_UCM_310403_Article.jsp

  • 54. Giving to Stroke Connection... has been serving stroke survivors and their families, bringing award-winning content to help support the day-to-day journey that is life after stroke. ... e/Giving-to-Stroke-Connection_UCM_441437_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 55. Resources for Single Stroke Survivors... go back to work and their own lives and families. ... we use to help us with daily life, like alarm ... services that assist Medicaid beneficiaries to live in the ... e/Resources-for-Single-Stroke-Survivors_UCM_453264_Article.jsp

  • 56. Stroke survivor vows to 'live life again' | American Heart ...... But less than a day after surgery, he was talking and ... when he was treated for the stroke and has ... It's a new opportunity for me, to live life again," said ... ve-life-again

  • 57. New Guidelines to Reduce Stroke Risk in Women — Go Red ...... of stroke and a four-fold risk of high blood pressure later in life. Therefore, preeclampsia should be recognized as a risk factor well after pregnancy ... earch-subcategory/new-guidelines-reduce-stroke-risk-women/

  • 58. Sex after Heart Attack: Talk with Your Doctor -- Go Red For ...... 17 women in depth about their sex lives before and ... Researchers found that after their heart attacks: ... partner again and get back to a “normal” life. ... earch-subcategory/sex-after-heart-attack-talk-with-your-doctor/

  • 59. Stroke Connection Presents FREE Online Writing Workshop ...... By writing brief essays about how stroke has affected your life, appreciate your survival skills and build confidence in your ability to re-envision your ... e/SubmittingYourStory/Stroke-Connection-Presents-FREE-Online-Writing-Workshop-for-Survivors_UCM_450084_Article.jsp Workshop-for-Survivors_UCM_450084_Article.jsp

  • 60. What to Eat Before, During, After Workouts -- Go Red For ...... What to Eat Before, After Workouts. ... After your workout: have fluids, healthy carbs and protein. After your workout, it's time to refuel with: Fluids. ... what-to-eat-before-after-workouts/

  • 61. Safe Workouts Post-Heart Attack -- Go Red For Women... have even found that walking trumps massage for improving life after a stroke and that post-stroke walking programs improve stroke survivors' lives. ... safe-workouts-post-heart-attack/

  • 62. Bugher Foundation Awardees... Mechanisms of White Matter Repair after Stroke. ... Project Title: Childhood Stroke Neuropsychological and Quality of Life Outcomes: Exploring ... 0262_Bugher-Foundation-Awardees.jsp

  • 63. Living With Heart Disease: You're Not Alone - Go Red for ...... After several health and personal trials, Toni, decided “heart disease ... she was able to return her life back to ... or any obstacles, you can live with heart ... -disease/diagnosed-youre-not-alone/

  • 64. Choosing the Right Stroke Rehab Facility... to turn for rehabilitation and support after a stroke ... its first-ever Guidelines for Stroke Rehabilitation and ... big impact on survivors' quality of life, so the ... iagnosis/Choosing-the-Right-Stroke-Rehab-Facility_UCM_490273_Article.jsp jsp

  • 65. ISC 2014: Science News Home... The Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes (SPS3) Trial; Genomewide ... is the Learned in Neural Repair after Stroke; Tempus Cerebrum ... 2014-Science-News-Home.jsp

  • 66. ISC 2014: Late-Breaking Science Oral Abstracts... Blood pressure variability and outcome after acute intracerebral ... in Patients with Recent Lacunar Stroke. ... of Small Subcortical Strokes (SPS3) Trial ... 2014-Late-Breaking-Science-Oral-Abstracts.jsp

  • 67.[TEXT] xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <wcm:root xmlns:wcm ...... of postoperative re-explorations, strokes, infections, multi ... the health and quality of life for stroke ... S, Sharpe M. Fatigue after stroke: The development ... smd/documents/singlecolumn/ucm_492782.xml

  • 68.[TEXT] xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <wcm:root xmlns:wcm ...... &lt;br /&gt;&lt;em&gt;Rehabilitation after stroke is an essential part of stroke recovery and ... and restore functional ability and quality of life to stroke ... scon/documents/hybrid01/ucm_428891.xml

  • 69. Caring For Someone Who Has Suffered a Stroke - Go Red for ...... the stress of caring for someone who's had a stroke takes its ... And since life is frequently ... You'll not only feel better after some physical activity, but you ... -disease/caring-for-someone-who-suffered-stroke/

  • 70.[TEXT] xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <rss version="2.0" xmlns ...... to prevent recurrent strokes and save lives is large ... people who identify themselves as South Asians live in the ... fast, could help save a life.&lt;/font&gt ...

  • 71. Heart Doctor Explains Cholesterol Levels -- Go Red For ...... Only after that very personalized assessment is a decision made on what ... may also help reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke. ... Life's Simple 7. ... eart-disease-and-be-heart-healthy/heart-doctor-explains-cholesterol-levels/ evels/

  • 72. Tia Timpson: Survives Stroke at 20, Walks 5K -- Go Red For ...... walk a 5K race less than a year after she had ... is the main advice Tia shares with stroke survivors. ... have survived all kinds of setbacks in life, not just ... -disease/tia-timpson-survivor-of-stroke-at-20/

  • 73. How to Prevent Heart Disease After Menopause — Go Red ...... linked to almost a doubled risk of stroke in middle ... This is why staying positive after menopause is so ... menopause can feel like a huge life change for ... e/how-to-prevent-heart-disease-after-menopause/

  • 74. Three Fitness Exercises for Seniors -- Go Red For Women... Weight training after stroke has also been shown to support muscular rehabilitation, according to the AHA. Yoga. While ... three-fitness-exercises-for-seniors/

  • 75. How to Stay Social After Heart Disease -- Go Red For Women... you may be left wondering about the little things (which are still important), like your social life. ... Less than a year after her massive stroke at age ... -disease/how-to-stay-social-after-heart-disease/

  • 76. Heart Disease in African American Women - Go Red for ...... After all, she thought of herself as perfectly healthy. ... two times the risk of stroke than Caucasians ... in blacks than whites, and develops earlier in life. ... _disease_in_women-sub-category/african-american-women/

  • 77. Depression Increases Risk of Stroke in Women -- Go Red For ...... Even after researchers eliminated several factors that increase ... a much stronger impact on stroke for them now rather than later in life,” she says. ... earch-subcategory/depression-increases-risk-of-stroke-in-women/

  • 78. Sex After Heart Attack: Talk with Your Doctor | Go Red For ...... 17 women in depth about their sex lives before and ... their partner again and get back to a “normal” life. ... Less than a year after her massive stroke at ... -disease/sex-heart-attack-talk-doctor/

  • 79. Women Delay Stroke Care, New Study -- Go Red For Women... have been more likely to live alone, which would ... Women Fare Worse Than Men After Heart Attack. ... of staying mentally sharp in mid-life, according to ... earch-subcategory/women-delay-stroke-care-new-study/

  • 80. Video: Just a Little Heart Attack — Go Red for Women... I know because I believe it saved my life,” acknowledges Christie. After you watch this video, we hope you'll begin ... Myths Versus Facts About Stroke. ... _disease_in_women/just-a-little-heart-attack/

  • 81. Smoking and Heart Disease: Why You Should Quit - Go Red ...... to mention, continuing to smoke throughout your life shaves 13 ... your blood pressure and risk for stroke and heart ... If you quit after a heart attack, your ... eart-disease-and-be-heart-healthy/smoking-why-you-should-quit/

  • 82. AHA Funded Research Milestones... disease and stroke, and improved longevity, quality of life and mental ... crochet the red hats to empower moms to live heart healthy lives and to ... esResearchAccomplishments/UCM_320490_AHA-Funded-Research-Milestones.jsp sp

  • 83. Managing Heart Disease - Go Red for Women... made at least one healthy change in their daily lives; ... Focus on filling your life with healthy eating choices ... Less than a year after her massive stroke at ... -disease/managing-heart-disease/

  • 84. Pediatric Stroke Resources... financial assistance to better the lives of pediatric ... improving the quality of life for individuals and ... Psychological Issues after Pediatric Stroke: What to ... ldren/PediatricStrokeResources/Pediatric-Stroke-Resources_UCM_310945_Article.jsp Article.jsp

  • 85. A Young Mother's Battle Against Heart Disease - Go Red For ...... I heard him saying was: you many not live to see ... I had been physically active my whole life; I even did ... After the shock settled in, I told myself that I ... tle-against-heart-disease/

  • 86. Insomnia May Significantly Raise Stroke Risk -- Go Red For ...... possible risk factors that might contribute to stroke.”. ... Women Fare Worse Than Men After Heart Attack. ... staying mentally sharp in mid-life, according to ... earch-subcategory/insomnia-may-significantly-raise-stroke-risk/

  • 87. What to Do iI Having a Stroke: Call for EMS -- Go Red For ...... keep an eye out for their new stroke PSA, airing ... Women Fare Worse Than Men After Heart Attack. ... of staying mentally sharp in mid-life, according to ... earch-subcategory/what-to-do-if-having-a-stroke-call-for-ems/

  • 88. Learn More Stroke Warning Signs and Symptoms... Posterior circulations strokes (a stroke that occurs in the back part of the brain) occurs when a blood vessel in the back part of the brain is blocked ... -Stroke-Warning-Signs-and-Symptoms_UCM_451207_Article.jsp

  • 89. Caregiver Support | American Heart Association... A full 80 percent of strokes are preventable. ... Understand the effects of stroke and what can be done ... Learn about life after a stroke(link opens in new ...

  • 90. Heart Disease in Hispanic Women - Go Red for Women... stop the disease that claimed the lives of too ... Maricela Wilson didn't make until after she was ... wonder about everything, including your sex life — or if ... _disease_in_women-sub-category/hispanic-women/

  • 91. Supporting Research for Heart Disease - Go Red for Women... us stop heart disease from taking women's lives. ... Women Fare Worse Than Men After Heart Attack. ... of staying mentally sharp in mid-life, according to ... earch-subcategory/supporting-research/

  • 92. Recovering from a Stroke: Tai Chi Exercises -- Go Red For ...... “Psycho-social benefits include less depression, anxiety and stress, and better quality of life.”. ... Less than a year after her massive stroke at age ... -disease/recovering-from-a-stroke-tai-chi-exercises/

  • 93. Hard-to-Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms -- Go Red For ...... When she came into Steinbaum's office after the event ... NJ, shares some common myths associated with stroke. ... a heart attack to save your life or the ... _disease_in_women/hard-to-recognize-heart-attack-symptoms/

  • 94. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)... Survivors who experience a TIA after they have ... a stroke FAST and possibly save a life. Learn stroke warning signs_consumer Learn more about ... ke/TIA/Transient-Ischemic-Attack-TIA_UCM_492003_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 95. National Institute of Health Funding - Go Red for Women... NIH research has led to life-saving discoveries. ... from these devastating cuts – the lives of women ... Women Fare Worse Than Men After Heart Attack ... earch-subcategory/national-institute-health-funding/

  • 96. Student Scholarships in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke... After completing the program, the student scholar in Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke is required to submit the following progress reports: ... ntificCouncils/UCM_322561_Student-Scholarships-in-Cardiovascular-Disease-and-Stroke.jsp ase-and-Stroke.jsp

  • 97. History of the American Heart Association | American Heart ...... and reducing deaths from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. ... Life-changing Breakthroughs. 1956. ... show how CPR can save lives after cardiac arrest ... ociation

  • 98. Anxiety Linked to Long-Term Stroke Risk — Go Red For ...... was linked to greater risk of stroke, which is the ... Women Fare Worse Than Men After Heart Attack. ... of staying mentally sharp in mid-life, according to ... earch-subcategory/anxiety-linked-to-long-term-stroke-risk/

  • 99. Cardiovascular Risk Linked to Mental Function — Go Red For ...... life cardiovascular health on brainpower in late life. ... Women Fare Worse Than Men After Heart Attack. ... Insomnia May Significantly Raise Stroke Risk. ... earch-subcategory/cardiovascular-risk-linked-mental-function/

  • 100. American Heart Association News brings you the latest ...... After surviving a stroke at 22, Christian England ... the risk of heart attack and stroke in astronauts ... learned in school helped save this mother's life. ...

Our Mission


We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:

  • Smoke-free public places
  • More walkable and bikeable streets, roads and parks
  • Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
  • Adequate, affordable and available health care for all

We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:

  • Smoke-free public places
  • More walkable and bikeable streets, roads and parks
  • Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
  • Adequate, affordable and available health care for all

We’re improving the quality of care for heart and stroke patients by:

  • Training millions of Americans in CPR, advanced life support, AED (defibrillator) use and first aid; promoting AED placement in businesses and public places
  • Improving emergency care for heart attack victims through our Mission: Lifeline community-based initiative
  • Helping hospitals treat cardiac and stroke patients according to proven guidelines using our Get With The Guidelines® program
  • Strengthening stroke systems of care, teaching the public to respond to warning signs, and providing resources for stroke survivors and caregivers

We’re reaching at-risk populations through cause initiatives and online tools:

Nationwide, we invest over $132 million a year ($3.2 billion since 1949) in heart and stroke research that has led to recent breakthroughs such as clot-busting drugs and drug-eluting stents. Healthcare providers learn about medical advances and new treatment guidelines though our journals, conferences and online courses.

American Heart Association
2016-2017 Expenditures

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  • Research 20.7%
  • Public Health Education 35%
  • Professional Education and Training 18%
  • Community Services 8.3%
  • Management and General 6.6%
  • Fund Raising 11.4%