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  • 91. Stroke Survivor 2 Survivor Support Program... Stroke Survivor 2 Survivor Support Program. Updated:Sep 12,2018. ... for Patients and Caregivers: ASA Stroke Resource List (PDF ... port-YouAreNotAlone/SupportforStrokeSurvivors/Stroke-Survivor-2-Survivor-Support-Program_UCM_501969_Article.jsp vor-Support-Program_UCM_501969_Article.jsp

  • 92. Recovery and Support after Stroke... living. Common Effects of Stroke Every stroke is unique, but strokes tend to produce some common effects. Rehab and ... port-YouAreNotAlone/SupportforStrokeSurvivors/Recovery-and-Support-after-Stroke_UCM_310443_Article.jsp ter-Stroke_UCM_310443_Article.jsp

  • 93. Women Delay Stroke Care, New Study -- Go Red For Women... Women with strokes caused by blood clots are less likely than men ... to a European study reported in the American Heart Association journal Stroke. ... earch-subcategory/women-delay-stroke-care-new-study/

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  • 95. Stroke Scientific Statements and Slide Sets... List of Stroke Scientific Statements. Telemedicine Quality and Outcomes in Stroke. ... Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery. ... ke-Scientific-Statements-and-Slide-Sets.jsp

  • 96. Physical Activity Keeps Your Mind Sharp Now and Later... as You Age. Healthy Cooking Brain Healthy_MC. Join Together to End Stroke! ... Understanding Stroke Risk. Lower your risk ... ntionandBrainHealth/BrainHealthResources/ ROKEORG/AboutStroke/StrokePreventionandBrainHealth/BrainHealthResources/Physical-Activity-Keeps-Your-Mind-Sharp-Now-and-Later_UCM_486466_Article.jsp

  • 97. Stroke Supporters... Things Caregivers Should Know After a Loved One Has Had a Stroke; 2 What Is an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)? 3 Ischemic Strokes (Clots); 4 ... ntionandBrainHealth/BrainHealthResources/Stroke-Supporters_UCM_476186_Article.jsp _Article.jsp

  • 98. American Heart/American Stroke Association... My Life; Power To End Stroke. The Warning Signs Heart and Stroke Encyclopedia. Our Sites: American Heart Association; ... aiser13_Register.html

  • 99. Supplemental Information - Stroke Connection Magazine... Supplemental Information - Stroke Connection Magazine. Updated:Oct 30,2013. ... Supplemental information for "Behavioral Changes After A Stroke": ... e/ReadSCNow/Supplemental-Information---Stroke-Connection-Magazine_UCM_310773_Article.jsp _310773_Article.jsp

  • 100. Anxiety Linked to Long-Term Stroke Risk Go Red For ...... Researchers tracked strokes through hospital or nursing home reports and death ... increases in anxiety were associated with greater stroke risk. ... earch-subcategory/anxiety-linked-to-long-term-stroke-risk/

  • 101. Recovering from a Stroke: Tai Chi Exercises -- Go Red For ...... Recovering from a Stroke: Tai Chi Exercises. ... . tia timpson talks about her stroke at 20 Tia Timpson: Survives Stroke at 20, Walks 5K. ... -disease/recovering-from-a-stroke-tai-chi-exercises/

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  • 104. Exercising in Mid Life May Improve Brain Functionality Later in ...... Declining memory and cognitive ability in midlife may increase the risk of stroke in adults after age 65. ... Stroke Resource Center. ... herStroke/ ntionandBrainHealth/BrainHealthResources/Exercising-in-Mid-Life-May-Improve-Brain-Functionality-Later-in-Life_UCM_486468_Article.jsp

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  • 116.[TEXT] xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <rss version="2.0" xmlns ...... An embolic stroke, a type of &lt;a href=" STROKEORG/AboutStroke/TypesofStroke/IschemicClots/Ischemic-Strokes- ...

  • 117. Online Learning... videos for cardiovascular and stroke professionals. ... Register Online. Popular CME Activities. Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery. ... eLearning/UCM_477872_Online-Learning.jsp

  • 118. Ad Council... Newspaper 2, 11.5" x 21", Black & White, 5.9MB (PDF). Spot A Stroke - Bus Shelter Ad. ... Spot A Stroke Billboard. Description, Size, Color, File Size (Type ... ResourcesandPatientEd/Ad-Council_UCM_451917_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 119. African-American Risk Detection Increases Go Red For ...... The new equations offer greater accuracy in predicting the chances of heart attack or stroke in African-Americans, whose risk levels are higher than ... earch-subcategory/african-american-risk-detection-increases/

  • 120. Heart Disease Statistics at a Glance - Go Red for Women... Atherosclerosis & Stroke. Atherosclerosis may be caused by high blood pressure, physical inactivity and other factors. ... Atherosclerosis & Stroke. ... _disease_in_women-sub-category/statistics-at-a-glance/

Our Mission


We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:

  • Smoke-free public places
  • More walkable and bikeable streets, roads and parks
  • Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
  • Adequate, affordable and available health care for all

We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:

  • Smoke-free public places
  • More walkable and bikeable streets, roads and parks
  • Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
  • Adequate, affordable and available health care for all

We’re improving the quality of care for heart and stroke patients by:

  • Training millions of Americans in CPR, advanced life support, AED (defibrillator) use and first aid; promoting AED placement in businesses and public places
  • Improving emergency care for heart attack victims through our Mission: Lifeline community-based initiative
  • Helping hospitals treat cardiac and stroke patients according to proven guidelines using our Get With The Guidelines® program
  • Strengthening stroke systems of care, teaching the public to respond to warning signs, and providing resources for stroke survivors and caregivers

We’re reaching at-risk populations through cause initiatives and online tools:

Nationwide, we invest over $132 million a year ($3.2 billion since 1949) in heart and stroke research that has led to recent breakthroughs such as clot-busting drugs and drug-eluting stents. Healthcare providers learn about medical advances and new treatment guidelines though our journals, conferences and online courses.

American Heart Association
2016-2017 Expenditures

Pie chart showing breakdown of expenses
  • Research 20.7%
  • Public Health Education 35%
  • Professional Education and Training 18%
  • Community Services 8.3%
  • Management and General 6.6%
  • Fund Raising 11.4%