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  • 91. High Blood Pressure, AFib and Your Risk of Stroke | American ...... Consider this: About three out of four people who have a stroke for the ... condition called atrial fibrillation — is present in about one out of five strokes. ... al-fibrillation-af-or-afib-matters/high-blood-pressure-afib-and-your-risk-of-stroke risk-of-stroke

  • 92. Supplemental Information - Stroke Connection Magazine... Supplemental Information - Stroke Connection Magazine. Updated:Oct 30,2013. ... Supplemental information for "Behavioral Changes After A Stroke": ... e/ReadSCNow/Supplemental-Information---Stroke-Connection-Magazine_UCM_310773_Article.jsp _310773_Article.jsp

  • 93. Read SC Now... For over 22 years Stroke Connection has been providing stroke families with a wealth of information and inspiration supporting recovery ... e/ReadSCNow/Read-SC-Now_UCM_308578_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 94. Anxiety Linked to Long-Term Stroke Risk — Go Red For ...... Researchers tracked strokes through hospital or nursing home reports and death ... increases in anxiety were associated with greater stroke risk. ... earch-subcategory/anxiety-linked-to-long-term-stroke-risk/

  • 95. Recovering from a Stroke: Tai Chi Exercises -- Go Red For ...... Recovering from a Stroke: Tai Chi Exercises. ... ». tia timpson talks about her stroke at 20 Tia Timpson: Survives Stroke at 20, Walks 5K. ... -disease/recovering-from-a-stroke-tai-chi-exercises/

  • 96. Physical Activity Keeps Your Mind Sharp Now and Later... Declining memory and cognitive ability in midlife may increase the risk of stroke in adults after age 65. ... Stroke Resource Center. ... ke/IschemicClots/ kePreventionandBrainHealth/BrainHealthResources/Physical-Activity-Keeps-Your-Mind-Sharp-Now-and-Later_UCM_486466_Article.jsp

  • 97. 3 STROKE SURVIVORS, 3 IMPORTANT LESSONS | Go Red ...... Surviving any stroke is an accomplishment, but Jesi Bowman of Lexington, Kentucky has had five strokes and recovered fully from each one. ... s-3-important-lessons-2/

  • 98. Stroke and Neuroscience... Stroke and Neuroscience. Loading the player... ... Stroke & Neuroscience Science NewsView All Stroke & Neuroscience Science News. ... ... uroscience/UCM_475310_Stroke-and-Neuroscience.jsp

  • 99. American Heart/American Stroke Association... My Life; Power To End Stroke. The Warning Signs Heart and Stroke Encyclopedia. Our Sites: American Heart Association; ... aiser13_Register.html

  • 100. Healthy Eating Keeps Your Brain Sharp... You can help keep your brain sharp by following these American Heart Association/American Stroke Association dietary recommendations: ... ldren/ nandBrainHealth/BrainHealthResources/Healthy-Eating-Keeps-Your-Brain-Sharp_UCM_486469_Article.jsp

  • 101. Stroke Resource Center - Infographics... Things Caregivers Should Know After a Loved One Has Had a Stroke; 2 What Is an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)? 3 Ischemic Strokes (Clots); 4 ... ResourcesandPatientEd/Stroke-Resource-Center---Infographics_UCM_463957_Article.jsp 7_Article.jsp

  • 102. Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack — Go Red For Women... Heart Attack. Related Articles. Hand holding two pills Myths Versus Facts About Stroke. ... ». Hand holding two pills Myths Versus Facts About Stroke. ... _disease_in_women/cardiac-arrest-vs-heart-attack/

  • 103. 404 Error PageSkip to Content American Stroke Association Together To End Stroke. Local Info Languages Careers Volunteer Donate. Search. ... HealthResources/

  • 104. Stroke Prevention Resources... 1.) Women Face a Higher Risk of Stroke (PDF) - Women have more strokes than men and stroke kills more women than men. ... ke-Resources_UCM_451918_SubHomePage.jsp

  • 105. Clinical Resources and Tools... Target: Stroke provides hospitals with a variety of resources to help achieve Target: Stroke goals. ... Target: Stroke Phase II Manual. ... roke/Clinical-Resources-and-Tools_UCM_432411_Article.jsp

  • 106.[TEXT] xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <wcm:root xmlns:wcm ...... the higher incidence of postoperative re-explorations, strokes, infections, multi ... text-align: center"&gt;Frustrated by Fatigue: Stroke Survivors Deserve ... smd/documents/singlecolumn/ucm_492782.xml

  • 107. Health Threats From High Blood Pressure | American Heart ...... Metabolic syndrome refers to a cluster of risk factors, including high blood pressure, that raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other ... hreats-from-high-blood-pressure

  • 108.[PDF] Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force ...Page 1. Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force Meeting Attendees July 11, 2018 *Last Name *First ... 7aca384381bf27e34d68fb0560.ashx

  • 109.[PDF] Advancing Million Hearts®: AHA and Heart Disease and ...... Medical Center Wyoming Neurologic Associates American Cancer Society American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Centers for ... 8aa2cb432ea6aeee00c1b574ee.ashx

  • 110. American Heart/American Stroke Association... It is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on heart disease and stroke while raising valuable funds to support research of the American Heart ... Page.html

  • 111. How to Help Prevent Heart Disease At Any Age | American ...... The food you eat can decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke. ... Learn the warning signs of a heart attack and stroke. ... lp-prevent-heart-disease-at-any-age

  • 112. Online Learning... videos for cardiovascular and stroke professionals. ... Register Online. Popular CME Activities. Guidelines for Adult Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery. ... eLearning/UCM_477872_Online-Learning.jsp

  • 113.[PDF] Tedy's Team/The American Stroke Association is proud to be ...Page 1. Tedy's Team/The American Stroke Association is proud to be a Boston Marathon® Official Charity. If you are interested ... rmation_Page.pdf?docID=2721

  • 114.[PDF] Tedy's Team/The American Stroke Association participates in ...Page 1. Tedy's Team/The American Stroke Association participates in one-two travel races per calendar year. If you are ... tion_Page_-_Kona.pdf?docID=2862

  • 115. Warning Signs of a Heart Attack | American Heart AssociationWhat are the warning signs of a heart attack? The American Heart Association explains the most common symptoms of heart attack in men and women ... f-a-heart-attack

  • 116. Boilerplates | American Heart Association... Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Acerca de la American Stroke Association. ... View more images. Heart and Stroke Encyclopedia. ...

  • 117.[TEXT] xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <rss version="2.0" xmlns ...... An embolic stroke, a type of &lt;a href=" STROKEORG/AboutStroke/TypesofStroke/IschemicClots/Ischemic-Strokes- ...

  • 118. African-American Risk Detection Increases — Go Red For ...... The new equations offer greater accuracy in predicting the chances of heart attack or stroke in African-Americans, whose risk levels are higher than ... earch-subcategory/african-american-risk-detection-increases/

  • 119. Heart Disease Statistics at a Glance - Go Red for Women... Atherosclerosis & Stroke. Atherosclerosis may be caused by high blood pressure, physical inactivity and other factors. ... Atherosclerosis & Stroke. ... _disease_in_women-sub-category/statistics-at-a-glance/

  • 120. Linking Policy | American Heart Association... Association's website(s). Linking TO the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association Websites. Please refer ... olicy

Our Mission


We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:

  • Smoke-free public places
  • More walkable and bikeable streets, roads and parks
  • Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
  • Adequate, affordable and available health care for all

We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:

  • Smoke-free public places
  • More walkable and bikeable streets, roads and parks
  • Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
  • Adequate, affordable and available health care for all

We’re improving the quality of care for heart and stroke patients by:

  • Training millions of Americans in CPR, advanced life support, AED (defibrillator) use and first aid; promoting AED placement in businesses and public places
  • Improving emergency care for heart attack victims through our Mission: Lifeline community-based initiative
  • Helping hospitals treat cardiac and stroke patients according to proven guidelines using our Get With The Guidelines® program
  • Strengthening stroke systems of care, teaching the public to respond to warning signs, and providing resources for stroke survivors and caregivers

We’re reaching at-risk populations through cause initiatives and online tools:

Nationwide, we invest over $132 million a year ($3.2 billion since 1949) in heart and stroke research that has led to recent breakthroughs such as clot-busting drugs and drug-eluting stents. Healthcare providers learn about medical advances and new treatment guidelines though our journals, conferences and online courses.

American Heart Association
2016-2017 Expenditures

Pie chart showing breakdown of expenses
  • Research 20.7%
  • Public Health Education 35%
  • Professional Education and Training 18%
  • Community Services 8.3%
  • Management and General 6.6%
  • Fund Raising 11.4%