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Let's Talk About Stroke, TIA and Warning Signs (Downloadable PDF)
TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack)
View an animation of a Transient Ischemic
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  • 1. Tia Timpson: Survives Stroke at 20, Walks 5K -- Go Red For ...Less than a year after her massive stroke at age 20, Tia Timpson was determined to get out of a wheelchair and walk a 5K race. ... -disease/tia-timpson-survivor-of-stroke-at-20/

  • 2. CDC report finds emergency room visits declined for stroke ...... CDC report finds emergency room visits declined for stroke and TIA. ... A TIA occurs when the blood flow blockage is temporary. ... ned-for-stroke-and-tia/

  • 3. Quality-Research-Publications - 2012-05-15 - Regional ...... 2012-05-15 - Regional Variation in Recommended Treatments for Ischemic Stroke and TIA: Get With the Guidelines- Stroke 2003-2010. ... esearchPublications/Quality-Research-Publications_UCM_460000_ContentIndex.jsp?levelSelected=1&title=2012-05-15%20-%20Regional%20V ndex.jsp?levelSelected=1&title=2012-05-15%20-%20Regional%20Variation%20in%20Recommended%20Treatments%20for%20Ischemic%20Stroke%20and%20TIA:%20Get%20With%20the%20Guidelines-%20Stroke%202003-2010.

  • 4. Quality-Research-Publications - 2015-10-29%20Readmission ...Skip to Content ... esearchPublications/Quality-Research-Publications_UCM_460000_ContentIndex.jsp?levelSelected=4&title=2015-10-29%2520Readmission%25 ndex.jsp?levelSelected=4&title=2015-10-29%2520Readmission%2520for%2520Stroke%2520and%2520Quality%2520of%2520Care%2520among%2520Patients%2520Hospitalized%2520with%2520Transient%2520Ischemic%2520Attack%2520(TIA):%2520Findings%2520from%2520Get%2520With%2520The%2520Guidelines%2520(GWTG)-Stroke

  • 5. Guidelines for the Prevention of Stroke in Patients With Stroke ...... xDisplayComments=. Science News. Science News Archive. Guidelines for the Prevention of Stroke in Patients With Stroke and TIA. ... Guidelines-for-the-Prevention-of-Stroke-in-Patients-With-Stroke-and-TIA.jsp IA.jsp

  • 6. A New Definition for Transient Ischemic Attack and StrokeIt is helpful to speculate on the reasons for the relative lack of clinical urgency in the care of patients with TIA to improve their clinical care. ... A-New-Definition-for-Transient-Ischemic-Attack-and-Stroke.jsp

  • 7. Mini-stroke' may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder - News ...... A TIA is temporary and often lasts less than five minutes, without causing permanent brain damage. “We found one in three ... s-disorder/

  • 8. How one young woman eventually found out she'd had a mini ...... She was having a transient ischemic attack, or TIA, which is also called a mini-stroke and is caused when the blood supply to part of the brain is ... d-had-a-mini-stroke/

  • 9. Stroke in younger Danish adults spiked over the past two ...Hospital admissions for first-time stroke and TIA increased in people 15 to 30 years of age from 1994 to 2012 in Denmark. ... ked-over-the-past-two-decades

  • 10. Small Strokes Offer Big Info - Stroke Connection Magazine ...Getting a CT scan of the brain within 24 hours of a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or a non-disabling stroke can predict when patients will be at the ... rokes-Offer-Big-Info/

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American Heart Association Diversity Report

Attached is a copy of the American Heart Association’s 2009-2010 Annual Diversity Report. This report highlights our organization’s successes in the area of diversity with emphasis on cultural competence. The report focuses on our consumer initiatives as well as our internal initiatives. We have broadened the scope of this year’s report to showcase initiatives in each of the Affiliates. Also, we have identified key partnerships, sponsorships and strategic alliances that enhanced our efforts to reach common goals.

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