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The Caregiver Guide to Stroke is meant to help caregivers better navigate the recovery process and the financial and social implications of a stroke. It provides practical tips on how to communicate with the healthcare team and manage the effects of a stroke, as well as information on legal resources, financial support, and health coverage.

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Part 1: Emotional Support

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To help you adjust to your new responsibilities, this section will help you find the emotional care and support you need from your community, family and friends.

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Part 2: Medical Management

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Communicating with the healthcare team can help you understand what happened during your loved one’s stroke, what to expect during the recovery process and how to help him/her recover.

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Part 3: Effects of a Stroke

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Understanding what happens during the recovery process can help you be prepared.

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Part 4: Legal, Financial and Health Coverage

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This section will provide a quick overview of legal, financial and health issuse to help get you started.