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Patient Resources

  • Learn how stroke survivors can Get The Most Out of Rehab (Video) when participating in acute rehab, sub-acute rehab or a skilled nursing facility.
  • Move your rehab path forward with the Life After Stoke Guide (PDF). With time, new routines will become second nature. Rehabilitation can build your strength, capability and confidence. 
  • Learn what to expect in medical rehab, how to choose the right rehab facility and the questions you should ask your healthcare provider. Patient Guide to Making Rehab Decisions (PDF).
  • Learn how to make good rehab decisions by asking the right questions. Discover questions you should ask at the hospital, before discharge, for rehab providers and even questions your family members should be asking. Patient Quick Sheet to Rehab Planning (PDF) 

Rehab Activation Resources 


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Making Rehabilitation Decisions 

We understand that stroke can change the rest of your life in an instant. High-quality rehab will help ensure that you reach your full-potential recovery.