Secrets of Success

African American woman sitting in chair, looking at camera

After stroke, it’s easy to feel discouraged. Withdrawing from the world might seem like the best option, but it’s actually the worst option.  But how do you take that first step? There seem to be three key strategies for successful mental and physical recovery. The first is the power of positive thinking.

  • Never say never. Believe that you will walk again. Believe that you will speak again.
  • Retire negative words from your vocabulary. Begin using phrases like, “I will” and “I do.”
  • Volunteer. Helping others is a powerful tool toward self-esteem.
  • Meditate. Focus on your healing.
  • Set goals. Break your large goal into small, attainable tasks. These can lead to a sense of accomplishment.

Be kind to yourself.
Being kind to yourself leads us to our next strategy: Acceptance.
Acceptance should not be confused with giving up. Instead, acceptance should be seen as the choice to live in the moment. Rather than looking backward and mourning the past, acceptance helps survivors to handle the present set of circumstances and make a plan for the future.

Support is another key coping strategy.  Most individual success stories are group efforts.  Gather your group around you and take advantage of the advice, the social outlet and the insight. Support can be found in any number of places:

  • Family.
  • Stroke support groups.
  • Therapy.
  • Church groups.

Positive thinking, acceptance and support are powerful tools for everyone, not just for stroke survivors.  Ask for help – accept it graciously – and move forward positively.