Metro Chicago Multicultural Leadership Committee

Please join one of our Chicago Multicultural Committees and help to promote our free programs/campaigns, such as Empowered to Serve to increase awareness of heart disease and stroke in the African American and Hispanic/Latino communities. 

Dedicated committee members will meet monthly and include representatives from the healthcare, corporate, advocacy community, as well as community, faith-based, and family members/survivors of heart disease and stroke.  All members will be asked to integrate our programs for managing hypertension, obesity and reducing disparity of care into the community and assess additional areas of need. Our goal is system change that brings forth health equity throughout Metro Chicago.
Executive Multicultural Leadership Committee serves as the executive leadership team of the Multicultural committee which focuses on executing health equity and multicultural initiatives.

Multicultural Committees focus on executing health equity and multicultural initiatives in high risk communities aiming to build healthier lives of heart disease and stroke.

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With your support and passion, The American Heart Association will continue saving lives and building stronger communities.